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We established Chandigarh Garments in the year 1992. Earlier it was a small shop with less variety. But today it is a big showroom having each and every variety under single roof. Also our price ranges are very less as compared to other shop keepers. Our first preference is customer satisfaction. Please Visit and give us a change to server you..

Gurpreet Singh

  • Name: Gurpreet Singh
  • Phone: +91 8090548283
  • Address: Chandigarh Garments, Mela Road, Makanpur, Palia Kalan, Uttar Pradesh.

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Both Male-Female Stock available


Both Male-Female Stock available


Both Male-Female Stock available


Female Item



Both round neck a v-colar available.

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Available Stock Children
  • Shirts
  • Pents
  • Girl Frocks
Available Stock Mens
  • Shirts
  • Trousers
  • Jeans
  • Jackets
  • Sweaters
Available Stock Women
  • Kurtis
  • Tops
  • Jeans
I have heard from my friend. He was saying that chandigarhgarments.com is a shop where one can get good quality products in less cost.
Here is the shop address : Chandigarh Garments, Mela Road, Makanpur, Palia Kalan, Uttar Pradesh.

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Phone: 1-800-222-000 Fax: 1-800-222-002
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Chandigarh Garments

All types of cloth varieties available. Excluding this Wallets, Perfumes, Leather Bealts and all other staff available.